Student Police Cadets Programme – The foundry to forge responsible citizens

Student Police Cadet program is a innovative program that teaches young citizens, various personality traits like discipline, responsibility, and sense of duty.

‘ Try not to become a man of Success, Rather become a man of values ‘

SPC-The far sighted youth development programme, aims at cultivating values in students and developing the inner potential of the younger generation.It inculcates respect for the law, discipline, civic sense, empathy towards vulnerable sections of society and resistance to the social evils. Launched on 02-08-2010, SPC marked its existence in 127 schools across Kerala and we can be proud and glad that one among those blessed schools was Government Higher Secondary School, Ottapalam. The cadets of Ottapalam are in the journey of self discovery carrying the strength of SPC in their heart and souls. The project helps them to gain exposure in different facets of life under the strict and friendly guidance of the representatives of Kerala Police and through the whole-hearted services of teachers.

oghss_SPC_05Student Police Cadets are encouraged to develop physical fitness,discipline and team spirit through a variety of activities like physical training,field visits and motivational classes.The SPC project at GHSS Ottapalm definitely promises hundreds of flag-bearers forĀ  a prosperous India.