Principal’s desk

“I think school is a place where thinking should be taught”
– Edward de Bono

Principal, GHSS Ottapalam East.
Smt. K P Geetha, Principal, GHSS Ottapalam East.

These great words are an inspiration for us. An Educational institution is a place where thousands of years of knowledge earned by humanity, is passed on

to the young minds. With this great gift, young minds are moulded into thinkers, leaders and insightful executives. At GHSS Ottapalam East, we strive to achieve the same with utmost sense of duty and responsibility.

Equally important is inculcating human values like integrity, honesty, perseverance, compassion, empathy and cleanliness. We strive to build a strong foundation of aforementioned human values in the minds of our wards. We foster an open, positive and conductive environment for our students.

With our vision and meticulous execution we are proud to have a vibrant alumni. Our alumni are successfull in various walks of social sphere. This gives us profound satisfaction, whilst constantly reminding us of our duty. This shall drive us in times to come.